Galas: “I think we put our stamp on the game”

After Sunday afternoon’s season-ending victory over Capital FC Atletico (4-0), we spoke with head coach John Galas, defender Michael Hatcher, and dual goal-scorers Ben Foulks and Hugo Rodriguez. Hear their thoughts on the match, as well as on the season as a whole, below. 


On the team’s performance in Salem:

“From start to finish, I think we put our stamp on the game, from doing what we’ve done well all season, which is possession, creating chances, and certainly missing chances, because we did. Ben and Tommy and Harper had clear chances in the first 25-30 minutes or so, and that’s been the challenge for us all year has been taking those chances and converting them, which then changes games in our favor. This is sort of a 90-minute culmination of the whole season where we missed chances, still kept going, and then took our chances.” 

On the approach entering the game:

“We challenged our guys before the game to score first and they responded well, then it was one [goal] after another. Certainly, the red card helped us with more possession, more chances… it’s one of those games where you’re pleased that you got a positive result because there’s nothing to play for other than pride for the club, for each other, and most importantly for the fans, and they did that. That was the challenge, just to make sure they knew that there was something they still had to play for, and it being Robin [Terry’s] last game for the club was important to them as well.”

On wrapping up the season with a win:

“They could’ve easily wilted in the heat and not put up a fight, but they were fantastic today and they’ve been fantastic all year. Goals change games and we… we scored in bunches, I’ll say that, and I wish we could’ve spread some of those out, but that’s football.”

Hugo Rodriguez wrapped up the season with two goals on the day. (Barbara Minkler)


On the convincing win to end the campaign:

“It was a pretty good way to end the season. I ended the same way I started [with two goals]. I had to do it for my parents, who flew all the way from Spain. It was a nice game; we dominated most of it and were able to finish with four goals, so I’m pretty happy with the result and with my two goals, too.”

On his first season with Lane United FC:

“As a group, we all agree it was a bit frustrating. We started the season pretty strong and then results didn’t go our way, but we were able to keep together. I met an amazing group of guys, it was good to play with them every single day, come out on the field and have lovely minutes with them. It was a good way to end my first season in USL with Lane United. It’s been pretty amazing.”

Ben Foulks tallied the Reds’ first two goals on the day. (Barbara Minkler)

FORWARD BEN FOULKS (Co-Player of the Match)

On the team’s performance and his two goals:

“I’m pretty happy about it, I mean, those were my first two goals of the season. A win in front of our fans who drove all the way up here just feels really good.”

On the fan base and his experience in Eugene:

“Our fans are absolutely incredible. We travel to all of these teams in Oregon and Washington, but I haven’t seen a support group like we have established here. I’m really appreciative of that and the whole atmosphere in trainings and in games from the fans is great. We couldn’t ask for more.” 

On what was different in this game compared to other recent matches:

“A lot of it was that things were coming off for us in terms of our end product. With Hugo and I bagging some goals, we were able to finish our chances, unlike in some other games. Also, when we score first, we typically tend to do better because the game opens up more and that allows our strong midfield to play and move the ball better. That was a big contributor for us today.”

Center back Michael Hatcher helped the Reds earn a clean sheet. (Barbara Minkler)


On ending the season on a high note:

“I feel like that was how it was supposed to be all season, but today we found it and it feels great.”

On the team’s solid performance after a long winless streak:

“For the most part it’s just staying positive. We knew it was Robin’s last game and we knew we had to play for him and get a result.”

On wrapping up his third season with Lane United FC:

“It was a bit frustrating this season with the results, but I love being here and love the team and the community. It’s another season under my belt, I’m a little more experienced, and it’s a great way to go into the college season.”