LUFC Men Open Campaign with Home Win Versus Midlakes United(3-1)

On Sunday, May 19th, the Lane United Men’s Team matched up against Midlakes United in a 3-1 victory for the Reds. 

In the opening 25 minutes of the first half, Lane United swarmed the opposition with their press which allowed the Reds to dominate possession of the ball and have many chances. Unfortunately, they struggled to convert the chances into goals until the 36th minute when left winger Arnau Farnos buried the ball into the bottom right corner from a short cross played by striker Sergi Solans. However, the 1-0 lead was quickly spoiled by a Midlakes United header in the 44th minute. Though dominating most of the first half, the Reds headed to the locker room level at the break.

Arnau Farnos, Winger (photo by Barbara Minkler)

The second half mirrored the first, as Lane United’s press suffocated Midlakes United. However, the Reds still struggled to put the ball in the back of the net, due to Midlakes United’s compact defensive shape. Head Coach of Midlakes United, Justi Baumgart, explained that “staying organized defensively” was key to their tactical approach and that they’re still jelling as a team. 

Flash-forward to the 77th minute, Farnos had marked his second goal of the match on a 1v1 in front of the Red Aces. Who were in full attendance, chanting and drumming the whole way. The chippiness of the game gave the players of Lane United as well as the Red Aces extra motivation.

Farnos (left) and Sergi Solans (right) (photo by Barbara Minkler)

That extra motivation culminated in the 92nd minute, with a 3rd goal by Charlie Lacey, which made the score 3-1 and solidified the Reds’ victory. Number 46, Milo Wray, provided the assist. 

Overall, it was a strong performance by Lane United and they’ll look to continue their winning ways heading into their next match against WS Junction on May 24th. 

Charlie Lacey (left), Milo Wray (center), and Hayden Galas (right) (photo by Barbara Minkler)