‘A Game of Two Halves’ LUFC and Tacoma Galaxy Draw 1-1

“I enjoy the high pressure moments. They’re what makes the game for me.” -Liv Riddel, Goalkeeper

The Lane United FC Women’s squad showcased a fantastic performance against the Tacoma Galaxy this past Friday at home. As the​​ Tacoma Galaxy Head Coach Scott Ford said, “it was a game of two halves,” with both teams finding pockets of possession and dominating areas of play throughout the match. After last week’s 4-1 loss, Head Coach Jurgen Ruckaberle commented that, “we wanted to come out strong. Last week, the first five minutes, we came out kind of asleep and maybe a little bit intimidated. Today we wanted to come out strong and I think the players did a really good job on that.”

Jurgen Ruckaberle (Head Coach) and Brynn Phillips (DEF) (photo by Barbara Minkler)

The Reds began the first half of play dominating offensively. The squad moved the ball terrifically and kept the Galaxy on the defensive for the majority of the half. Coach Jurgen kept his defensive backs high during play, utilizing them to get behind the Galaxy back line and become dangerous in the goal box. The Reds pressure would prove successful in minute 35 of play with forward Sela Freeman ripping a shot from the top of the box. Freeman battled through her defenders and with a quick pass back from her other forward Emma Johnston, Freeman had the space to punch through the back of the net. When asked what built up to her goal, Freeman joked, “I don’t remember much,” but went on to say that after Johnston’s pass, “I just knew I had to get it in. The keeper was a little bit off her line, so I just chipped it over.” The half continued with the Reds having many opportunities on net and continuing to hold dominance over the Galaxy. 

Sela Freeman (FWD) (photo by Barbara Minkler)

As halftime came and went, the tempo and aggression picked up as the Galaxy emerged gearing to get on the board. The Galaxy broke Lane United’s press and began attacking with fervor, putting the Reds on the defensive for a majority of the half. This intense press put a lot of pressure on LUFC keeper Liv Riddel. Riddel kept calm, cool and collected as she made numerous jaw-dropping saves. When asked about how she stays sharp during such high pressure moments, Riddel said that, “I enjoy the high pressure moments. They’re what makes the game for me.” Riddel’s saves kept the Reds on top, including a penalty save early in the second half, but ultimately the Galaxy was able to get on the board in minute 57 of play. The rest of the half proved to be a battle, with both teams fighting for possession. Coach Jurgen discussed some of the flaws in LUFC’s performance during the second half, describing how, “the intent was there, but we just gave the ball away too often. We were caught in transition a lot, and that kept us open. All of a sudden we found ourselves chasing players behind us because we were high and wide, and not good in possession anymore.” 

Live Riddel (GK) (photo by Barbara Minkler)

Post match, players and coaches were in good spirits and proud of what was seen on the pitch. As the squad now shifts their focus forward, there is still more growth to be had. Freeman commented that, “I think this game just showed what we’re capable of. I’m excited to continue our growth as a team and see how we’re gonna end, because I think we’re just going to keep growing.” 

Continue to see the LUFC Women’s team grow on Wednesday, June 6th, away against the top-of-table FC Olympia.

(photo by Barbara Minkler)