John & Conner at Oly Town

Galas: “Our character was great to keep fighting”

Head Coach John Galas and goalkeeper Albert Escuin comment on the team’s 1-1 draw vs Oly Town in Washington.


On the team’s play:

“We weren’t very good tonight. Poor decision-making and execution, technically we were poor for big chunks of the game. It probably has something to do with [having played] a game on Thursday, and the travel, and having to play two games in 48 hours… it’s difficult.

On what changed towards the end:

“I thought our subs made a huge impact when they came in. We needed a spark, we needed more quality in attack; they brought energy and they competed, and we were just a little bit better. We felt there was a sense of urgency; we were staring at our first loss in seven [games], and if we’d lost, we would’ve been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so full credit to them for fighting and bringing a little bit more energy, passion, and quality into the second half.” 

On the team’s effort and result:

“In large parts we were poor tonight, and it was frustrating for [the players], and it was frustrating to watch. Our character was great to keep fighting and there’s a slim chance we could still make the playoffs if we get a result against CFC and things fall our way, but this group didn’t quit and that was excellent.” 


The goalkeeper claimed he had never scored in a match before and had this to say about the tying play: 

“Coach Capp always talks about the small details; I knew Brian was going to try and score so I followed up his shot to see if something bounced my way, and it did.”