Galas: “Still One Game At a Time”

After suffering a disappointing 1-0 loss to PDX FC at home in a match in which they controlled most facets of play, head coach John Galas, midfielder Landon Sloan, and Spaniard Hugo Rodriguez shared their thoughts of the match and feelings about the rest of the season. 


Thoughts on the 90 minutes:

“They’ve gotten better throughout the season. I thought we dominated possession. We easily could’ve been up three-nil in the first half. We talked all week and all season about the final ball and taking our chances and today was a game that kind of bit us.”

What he thought of Tomas Bedouret’s debut as a Red:

“It was brilliant. He’s a link-up guy, he’s very technical, and he sees the game well; he was fabulous for us.”

On the focus and message of the final three games:

“Still one game at a time. I think our playoff hopes are pretty much done after tonight. Now it’s about pride for the club, community, and for themselves.”

Holding midfielder Landon Sloan broke up plenty of would-be PDX FC attacks on Thursday night. (Barbara Minkler)


Thoughts on the 90 minutes:

“We had the ball the whole time, the last ball was just missing.”

On the focus for the last few games of the season:

“Keep competing, keep working, and don’t take any days off like we’ve done all year. We’re going to keep fighting, keep pushing, and compete as high as we can.”

Midfielder Hugo Rodriguez sends a long pass vs PDX FC. (Barbara Minkler)


Thoughts on the match:

“It was a tough game. We had possession for most of the game and we had control but a PK cost us the entire match. We couldn’t fight back to take the three points.”

On what was missing in the first half with the chances:

“The last ball was missing, the last touch. We had a few occasions where with a better last touch we could’ve scored but it is what it is. Tough loss.”

On the team’s goals going into the last few matches of the season:

“Just try to give it all, and enjoy the final three games here with the team.”