Galas: “We’ve Just Got to Score Some Goals”

Thursday night’s match between LUFC and PDX FC ended in a disappointing 1-1 tie, as again the Reds controlled the majority of the game. Head coach John Galas, goalkeeper Will Ficek, forward Tommy Case, and goal-scorer Banyan Lyon shared their thoughts on the match as well as the upcoming last game of the season. 


Thoughts on the 90 minutes: 

Another one where we dominated possession, made great chances, but couldn’t finish. We worked hard all week to prepare and it’s frustrating when it just doesn’t come together.” 

Thoughts on the season:

“Just like today, it takes us a while to get on the score sheet; it’s been like that since the third game of the season. I’ve felt we’ve done great with possession and creating chances, we just haven’t capitalized on them.”

On Michael Hatcher’s red card in the second half:

“It’s frustrating, these guys work all week to prepare and put their bodies on the line, and when referees make these decisions it’s not fair to the guys. It was clear it was not a foul and these decisions impact the outcome of the game.”

WIllem Ficek made several key saves in his first USL League Two start. (Barbara Minkler)


Thoughts on the 90 minutes:

“For my debut, I was pretty happy about it. I really wanted to get the three points for the last home game, but their goalkeeper made some really great saves so we were unable to break the tie.” 

On PDX FC’s goal:

“I was looking at their center forward and our center back and thought the left back was going to send him through, I was playing a little up on my line to cut off the pass and I guess the left back saw it and sent a blast over me. I don’t think he’ll ever do that again.”

On potential nerves making his first start:

“After the first save I had, [everything] calmed down a bit. It was scary but I got told [I was starting] early in the week, so I was able to prepare for it.”

Tommy Case notched the assist on Banyan Lyon’s goal off a corner kick. (Barbara Minkler)


Thoughts on the 90 minutes: 

“It’s the story of the season, those final balls and final touches are just going the wrong way. It’s frustrating, but it’s soccer, so we move forward and keep getting better.”

Thoughts on season finale versus CFC: 

“We have to get a win, we have been too dominant for too long during games to not come away with a win.”

On playing at Civic Park:

“It’s special for me. I’ve been a part of the club for four years now and even before then I was a ball kid, so to see myself going from one of those kids walking on the field to now having one walk with me is pretty special.”

Banyan Lyon scored the lone goal for Lane United FC.


Thoughts on the 90 minutes:

“It’s another game where we have made the most chances, we just need to capitalize on them. It was good to get a late one and we pushed forward to see if we could get another, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.”

On his equalizing goal:

“It came off a corner and I saw it coming over, two guys were going to miss it so I made sure I was there, it doesn’t always have to be the prettiest if it goes in and today it went in, so I was glad to get a goal.” 

On playing in front of the home fans at Civic Park:
“This is my first year with Lane United and to see this type of support from the fans is great. [Unfortunately], we were unable to get more results for them to get them excited, but I think next year will be a good year.”

(Main photo credit: Barbara Minkler)