Kubli: “We’ve Developed More Chemistry and We’re Finally Coming Together”

After securing their first win over Capital FC (3-0), Head Coach Jürgen Ruckaberle, forwards Lilly Nowatzke (Player of the Match) and Briana Kubli (one goal), and midfielder Jessie Hawes attended the media.

Coach Ruckaberle congratulates Jessie Hawes in the 2nd half. (Peter Bellerby/NW Sports Pics)


On the team getting three points for the second game in-a-row:

“It feels really good. I’m really proud of them. They showed maturity today, controlled the game, scored goals at the right time, and we were able to get everyone in, and get some legs safe [ensuring well-being of players]. I’m very proud of them.”

On the keys to the team’s improvement over the season:

 “I think the players know each other more, there’s more chemistry. Our point on the road and then a win, it gives you confidence, and I can see now they play with that level of confidence that helps them as well.”

On what Lilly Nowatzke did well as a player during the match:

“She’s a hard worker, she presses well, and she gives us pace behind the defense. Today, she picked her head up when she won that ball in the first half and made a perfect assist. On her second goal, she was at the right place, right time, and put it in the net. I’m happy for her because she was out for a while. This is her first time playing again since a major injury, and I’m impressed with how she has improved.”

On what to watch for the rest of the season:

“Now we’re looking at Wednesday. We’re going up to Portland and we’re going to prepare like we did before. Now with two wins behind us, we will definitely go there wanting more. The attitude is going to be that we want to win on the road. We got a home win, a shut out, and now we want to have a road win as well.”

Lilly Nowatzke scores the team’s final goal versus CFC. (Peter Bellerby/NW Sports Pics)


On how she is feeling after the game:

“Pretty good. Tired, but good. It was a great game.”

On the team’s spirit now:

“It just feels like all of a sudden our team clicked together with chemistry, and it’s great to feel that we now have something going for us.”

On what to watch for in the last three games of the season:

“The last three games, you’re going to see a different side of us. I feel like it’s going to be more aggressive, more organized, and a lot more fun on the field.”

Forward Briana Kubli plays a pass against Capital FC. (Barbara Minkler)


On the win today:

“I feel good. Two wins now, so we’re on the [upswing].”

On what she saw from her goal in the match:

I received the ball from a bad pass, and then I looked up and the keeper was out. So I just went for it, and it went in.”

On the team’s improvement:

“It’s been a lot better. Our team has developed more chemistry and we’re finally coming together. We had the win on Wednesday, so coming in, we wanted to get another win, and we did that.”

On the team’s focus for the last three games:

“We want to secure a win on the road. We haven’t won on the road yet, but coming off these two wins, I think that we’re going to have a good go for it.”

Midfielder Jessie Hawes cuts inside a CFC defender. (Peter Bellerby/NW Sports Pics)


On how she is feeling after the game:

“We’re all excited to have two wins in a row, and it feels like a turning point in our season. It’s exciting.”

On what Lilly Nowatzke during the match:

“Lilly has been valuable for us up top. She takes on defenders well, and she’s really fast and aggressive, always in the right place at the right time.”

On what to watch for in the rest of the season:

“We’re hoping to get a win on the road, and also keeping up with our mentality, staying organized defensively. And throughout the season, we’ve started connecting passes more and being able to go forward.”

(Main photo credit: Barbara Minkler)