Galas: “I thought the contest was well-played by both teams”

Following Lane United FC’s nil-nil draw at home versus Oly Town FC on Sunday afternoon, head coach John Galas, center back Callum Frogson, and striker Jalen Belong shared their thoughts on the match.


Overall thoughts on the game:

“[It was] a pretty balanced game, to be honest. I mean, they’re a good team. They’re organized, defend well and are hard to break down. But we did, I thought we scored a legitimate goal – we’ll have to look at the video to see where the offside was, because I’m not sure he was – but overall, I thought the contest was well-played by both teams.”

On whether the constant whistles made finding a rhythm tough:

“No. I thought we controlled a lot of the tempo in the middle of the game. I think it’s frustrating, more than ‘knocked us off’ any rhythm. I’m not entirely sure all of those were offsides.”

Defender Callum Frogson plays a pass in the midfield versus Oly Town FC. (Barbara Minkler)


Overall thoughts on the game:

“We dominated the whole 90 minutes, but we couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net. Obviously, there’s a few dodgy decisions from the referee, but [we’ve got to] adapt to that and then try to come up with the win was what got away today.”

On if there was any difficulty finding a rhythm during the game:

“I think so. We’ve got to adjust to the fact that the referees are not going to give anything. So just holding our own, making sure that we don’t give any chance for the referee to make a decision.”

On what to watch for on Thursday’s match:

“Make sure that we win. It’s a ‘must win now’ game going out. So, fingers crossed, but we’ve got to do our job. We’ve got to focus on ourselves first.”

Striker Jalen Belong controls the ball in front of an Oly Town defender. (Peter Bellerby/NW Sports Pics)


On his thoughts on the team’s performance:

“I thought we played really well. A lot of hard work from the boys, especially with the condition that we’re playing in. We didn’t give up [till] the end, so there’s a lot of takeaways, and I think we can improve on stuff for the next game.”

On finding a rhythm during the game with the constant foul calls:

“Yeah, every time there’s a foul it slows the game down and messes up the rhythm. But I think besides that, we kept playing our brand of football that we want to play.”

On what to watch for in Thursday’s game:

“Personally, I can work on my runs behind. We can always say something about the officiating, but we need to take accountability and we’ve got to put our chances away.”

(Main photo credit: Barbara Minkler)