Moskowitz: “I thought we were definitely the better team”

Assistant Coach Joao Ehlers, who was acting manager with John Galas out through a red card suspension, midfielder Dor Moskowitz, and defender Scott Gustafson spoke with us after the narrow defeat to Capital FC Atletico. 


On what CFC did well to limit Lane’s chances:

“They were very organized, offensively, and they were efficient when they had the ball. We got some moments in the game where we were able to create some chances. I think we’ve got to recognize how well organized they were today, and I don’t think we deserve the outcome of today’s match. We’ve got to work on some details and aspects for our next game. We’ve got talent, we’ve got the energy… especially in the second half, we dominated possession. Now [we need to] just make some small adjustments and keep moving on.”

Joao Ehlers looks on as he coaches the Reds on Sunday. (NW Sports Pics/Peter Bellerby)

On the focus for next week’s match:

“We’re going to study and analyze some aspects about them [Oly Town FC]. We already have plenty of information. We’ve got a full week of training, which is good, so we’re going to be able to take a look at some of the guys and see what we can do in terms of going forward and fixing a couple of details so we can score and create more chances going forward.”


On the team’s difficulty in transition:

“They [Capital FC] just dropped into their box and made it difficult for us. They’re a really intense team and don’t like to lose tackles and are fairly physical. They just seem to want to do more in that final third.”

Defender Scott Gustafson controls the ball against a CFC defender. (NW Sports Pics/Peter Bellerby)

On the team’s focus for the next two matches:

“Just [focus on] the next practice. Take it day by day, work our a**es off, and we’ll get a result. We have a fantastic team, huge squad, and a deep bench. We’ll take it to every team that we play but just got unlucky today.”

Dor Moskowitz makes a pass versus Capital FC. (NW Sports Pics/Peter Bellerby)


On Capital FC limiting the Red’s chances:

“I thought we played well. I thought we were definitely the better team. Just when it came to the final third, the last ball wasn’t the best. The better team doesn’t always win, as you know, but the squad is nice. We’re good players, and I think we’ll pick it up next game and hopefully get the dub.”

On the team’s focus going in to the next few games

“Our focus is on scoring goals and winning games. Simple as that.”

(Main photo credit: Barbara Minkler)