Muttitt: “We got off to a really good start”

After the Reds’ resounding 5-2 victory over United PDX in their USL League Two home opener, Assistant Coach Joao Ehlers, who took over after managing duties after John Galas’ dismissal, and players Tommy Case (two goals), Wade Muttitt (two goals), and Ethan Doud (Player of the Match) attended to the media.


On the frustrating end to the first half:

“I thought the guys reacted very well to the challenges that we were facing in the first half. I think we controlled the game for the most part with possession and created some good opportunities and we were able to put them away. It’s always difficult to possess the ball against a team that’s strong defensively and very well organized.” 

On the team’s five goals and whether he has a favorite:

“I like all of them. It’s the second game of the season that we’ve been able to score and create chances, which is great. I think the guys are doing well. Our movement up front is solid and we were able to create some good chances and the results are coming, which is good.” 

On the team’s growth through three games:

 “I think our chemistry is getting better. I think the guys are getting to know each other on the field, which is great. It’s difficult to get everybody on the same page in such a short period of time. Overall, I think our reactions are positive. We are learning as we go, and I think we’ve got some good leaders on the team that are able to help us out on and off the field, and that’s been very positive.” 

On the team’s focus for Sunday’s match versus Capital FC Atletico:

“Let’s just get some rest. We’ve got a training session tomorrow and we’re going to just go over a couple of details. We’re going to work on the scouting report and make sure we are ready for the match.” 

Striker Wade Muttitt controls an aerial ball vs United PDX. (Barbara Minkler)


On the team scoring five goals:

“It felt good. We got off to a really good start. Getting three goals early on helps the team a lot, but we just have to stay strong and keep the high intensity so we don’t concede as much as we do. It was good, the boys kept pushing [in the] second half, and we were able to pull through and win the game.” 

On keys for Sunday’s match with the quick turnaround:

“So probably chill tonight, foam roll a bit, make sure the muscles are all loose. And then tomorrow, just spend the day relaxing. Maybe get a light little jog in. Make sure I’m stretching, muscles are ready for Sunday’s game, and hopefully we can bring the energy again and get the win.” 

On a favorite goal out of the five scored:

“It’s got to be Banyan’s. That last goal absolutely sent the right back and then he just cut in, [and had a] composed finish to the back post. I mean, what a player.” 

Tommy Case (left) celebrates his 2nd goal with Dor Moskowitz.


On his early goal in the 3rd minute:

“That was awesome. As a forward, you want your goals early on. I hadn’t had a goal in the last two games, so it was nice to get to get rolling early in that game to get my confidence up.” 

On the team conceding twice before halftime after building a 3-0 lead and the halftime chat:

 “Yeah, it was a similar situation to CFC in our first game. So, we were in there and we were like, we’ve been through this before. We know what to do, came out, and had a similar second half to CFC and we took care of business.” 

On Sunday’s match and the keys for a successful quick turnaround:

“Just resting up. Making sure we rotate the bodies correctly and keeping our energy high for the game because it’s a short turnover.” 

Man of the Match Ethan Doud rips a shot against United PDX. (Barbara Minkler)


On what was working tonight:

 “Team chemistry. I get to play with some of my favorite players from Fort Hays who are up here. And then Hugo, our attacking midfielder, is great to play with. Just a dynamic duo in there. We love to play together.” 

On a favorite goal from the match:

 “The first one was pretty nice, just to get us motivated and keep us going.” 

On the key to getting a result on Sunday:

“Recovery is the big one. A lot of us played a lot of minutes, so just recovery and the turnover.” 

(Main photo credit: Barbara Minkler)