Riddel: “I Thought we put up a Good Fight”

Hear post-game thoughts from Head Coach Jurgen Ruckaberle, goalscorer Sela Freeman, and goalkeeper Liv Riddel after the team’s first-ever home match in USL W League competition.


On overall thoughts of the team’s performance:

“I was really pleased. Our players handled it really well. I think we had some really good moments in the first half. Our goalkeeper definitely had a fantastic day, [Riddel] kept us close, kept us in the game. But, yeah, I was proud of them.”

On Sela Freeman’s historic goal:

“I think it’s fantastic. She’s still in high school and I think she played against a number of D-1 players. She was one of our top performers on Sunday in Salem [versus Capital FC], and she put another 90 minutes in where she was one of our most dangerous players. So, I’m happy for her that she got that historic moment of scoring the first goal for Lane United.”

On recent scoring difficulties:

“There were moments when we moved the ball really well and we looked like we can play with them, but then we don’t have the consistency. We made really small errors when we gave the ball away to a team that is punishing you because they have the players to take advantage of it.”

Sela Freeman became the first women’s goal-scorer in LUFC history. (Barbara Minkler)


On areas the team needs to improve on:

“I think just simple things, like connecting first touch. And, obviously, this is only our second game together, so I think that’ll come.”

On being the first scorer in franchise history:

“Yeah, I mean, it felt really good. It was a good moment.”

On any other stand out performances:

“I think Neve [Duston] and Jesse [Hawes] were two defensive players that just really made a core for our team and connected. And Liv [Riddel], of course. She had an amazing performance.”

Player of the Match Liv Riddel snatches a cross out of the air. (Peter Bellerby/NW Sports Pics)


On the team’s overall performance:

“I thought we put up a good fight. We’re against a really good team [Olytown] that we have a lot to learn from. I thought the defense put in really good effort in there to hold them out for most of it.”

On playing the first ever home game in team history:

“It was great energy. The fans out with the drums and everything. It’s a great environment. It was really fun.”

On her mindset during the game:

“Just try to keep [the ball] out of the goal. There’s not much thought process behind it. Whatever I can do to keep it out and keep us going.”